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Badlands Sunset at the Pinnacles

Badlands Photography Workshops

with Rikk Flohr

Shooting the Foggy Sunrise Rikk Flohr served as Artist in Residence for the National Park Service at Badlands National Park in central South Dakota on three separate occasions since 2007. With over 180 days of experience in the park locating scenic vistas, finding unusual formations and discovering the area's unique wildlife, Rikk can greatly enhance your photographic experience.  Rikk's Badlands workshops begin on Saturday evenings with an optional sunset shoot and continue until the following Wednesday sunrise shoot and farewell breakfast, or the light gets tough.  Over the course of four days, you will experience the grandeur of the landscape from inside the park with the cooperation of the National Park Service.  There will be classroom time devoted to the mechanics of photographing the park as well as image review sessions and, of course, there will be hands-on field instruction by Rikk Flohr and Associate Instructor, Laurie Hernandez.*   We keep our workshop size limited to 8 participants to ensure quality time with our instructors.

Spring Workshop: May 19-23, 2018

Moonset in the BadlandsSaturday night we start with an optional sunset at a pre-determined location in the park.  The workshop goes until Wednesday morning when we finish with a final sunrise and free shooting till the light gets tough.  The three full-days in the middle will be spent finding the very early sunrises and very late sunsets as we travel the park setting up our tripods at the best formations. Of course there will be wildlife along the way as we photograph the Black-tailed Prairie Dogs, Bighorn Sheep, American Bison, Mule and White-tailed Deer,  There is always a chance at more exotic subjects such as the North American Porcupine, the American Badger, the Coyote, the Bobcat and the numerous other birds and beasts which populate the wilderness. This workshop has early mornings, late nights and warm weather.  Don't worry, we take a little downtime in the middle of the day to compensate.

For 2018, we will be including a Print Component  in the Spring Workshop. Over the course of our classroom time, we will tackle subjects like monitor calibration, preparing a document for print, and actually doing a little printing.

Fall Workshop: October 6-10, 2018

Moonset in the BadlandsDark Skies Workshop. These dates are chosen for the dark of the moon, typical good weather and reasonable night-time hours. Weather permitting, we will be shooting the Milky Way Galaxy in addition to our normal workshop subjects. There will be wildlife and formations too so don't worry. Badlands is one of the great places to photograph the galaxy in all its splendor and this workshop timing should mean comfortable shooting, stunning stars, and plenty of sleep!

Winter Workshop: December 1-5, 2018

Bobcats in the BadlandsSaturday night those arriving early are treated to an optional sunset shoot before dinner. Unlike the spring workshop, the sunrises come late and the sunsets early.  We plan to shoot them all! In the winter,  various mating seasons and the quiet of the park during the colder weather contrive to make the best time of year to capture wildlife at Badlands.  The light is good all day so we shoot all day. The night comes early and we retreat to our accommodations to learn and share.  The variable weather in December can mean we are shooting in anything from bright, warm sun to a blizzard.  In any case, the landscapes are dramatic and the wildlife plentiful.  We shoot until breakfast on Wednesday hoping for four sunrises and sunsets and all the animals we can shoot in between.


Wildlife and Formations in the Badlands The workshop is based at the Circle View Ranch, located a few miles from the park visitor center. In addition to being a working ranch, it has scenic vistas of both the White River Valley and Badlands National Park. Here we will eat our breakfasts, plan our shoots, hold our seminars, review our images, take our slumber and get to know each other along the way.

We price the workshop without room and board so that we can keep our options open and the prices low. The Circle View contains a variety of room styles including singles, doubles and a family-styled room or two. When you register with our workshop, we will reserve a room for you based upon the information you provide to us on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are other motels in the area, should you desire privacy or need different accommodations but we recommend you stay with us. The camaraderie of my photo workshop is not a thing to miss. Besides, Amy makes a legendary breakfast! Breakfast is included with your room at the Circle View and we have arranged an optional evening meal for Sun-Tue nights during each workshop. Lunches are on the fly during the day wherever we can get them. Guests staying at the Circle View also have the option of doing their own cooking in the guest kitchen. Who knows what surprises might appear from there. The welcome reception, on the arrival evening, however is on us. We provide a more complete list of options with our registration packet.


Prairie Dogs in the Badlands

We design our photographic workshops with everyone in mind. Badlands is one of those great parks where there is so much good stuff right by the road that there's no need to go far off-trail. Most of the areas in which we shoot allow for parking and have good paths with little strenuous hiking. That's not to say that there isn't great hiking adjacent to every place we set up, you just have the option of the easy or the difficult paths.   On a scale of 1-5 difficulty, most of the places from which we do our field capture are a 1-2 rating.  The Spring workshops can encounter normal spring weather and warm temperatures. The winter workshop can be bitterly cold to mild.  More information is contained with our registration packet.

We welcome photographers of all skill levels on our workshops. We are accustomed to giving you as much (or as little) individual attention as you require.

Transportation is done by car pool or on your own. Many people choose to divide up into groups based upon skill-level and subject shooting. In any case, you will have the freedom of travel in the group caravan or breaking out on your own at any time.

*Laurie Hernandez may not be available for the 2017 workshops


$749.00 ($200.00 deposit due at registration)  Meals, lodging and transportation are not included but room reservations will be made for you upon registration unless you specify alternate accommodations.

Sunset in the Badlands
Early sign-up offer:
Early registration price ($699.00) is good until February 28th, 2018

Stock Imagery of Badlands National Park is available at our Stylistec stock site.

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